The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind.  When the Tower Tarot Card shows up in a Reading, it speaks of a dramatic change in your life.  And there is nothing you can do about it…



The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind
The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind


How many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind

How many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
How many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?

(Peter, Paul, and Mary:  The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind)


The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind!  When the Tower Tarot Card shows up in a Reading, it speaks of a dramatic change in your life.  And there is nothing you can do about it…

It is not your fault.  You did not do anything bad.  This storm is not of your making.  Nor are you getting punished for some reason.

From time to time in everyone’s life, the winds of change blow in our direction.  When you wonder why this is happening to you, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind!  The Air Element is taking over your life for a little while; you are powerless over this kind of storm.

Feeling Powerless to do anything about it

Feeling Powerless to do anything about it can be one of the worse feelings ever.  You may feel anxious, even panicked.  Your brain says “let’s get the Hell out of here!; your heart says:  “are you kidding me, I ain’t going nowhere – this is scary”.

When you feel powerless over the Element of Air, all you can do is to stop fighting it.  Consider the Wind.  A strong wind does its thing relatively quickly, during a relatively small amount of time.  This, while making its way to where it is heading out.

During the time that it does go on, the Wind does its ravages.  You are powerless to make it turn around and make it go towards somewhere else.   You cannot “Will” the blowing of the Wind.

All you can do is to drop both arms to both sides.  Wait till its all over.  Assess the damages in your life.  Pick up the pieces of what is left; and then go forward from there.

Assessing the damages

Assessing the damages is the worst part.  After the storm has moved on, there will be feelings of confusions and amazement at first; you are still alive and kicking. You will have to look around and pick up your broken pots, sort out your possessions, and repair what you can.

The good news is, after the storm, the Sun will always come out and shine above again.  You will be able to see a rainbow up in the distance.  Family, friends and neighbors will come over to see if you are OK and what help they can give you.

It may very well be that you will feel discouraged for a while, but that too shall pass.  Keep encouraging yourself by repeating the following Tarot Affirmation.  “Things can only get better from now on!”

A Dramatic Change In Your Life

A Dramatic Change In Your Life always occurs rather suddenly.  It will feel like things are happening way too fast.  Like as if, events are spinning out of control; like time itself is fast forwarding.

Acceleration is the Key Word for this Major’s Card.  However, Crowley insists upon it being:  War!  It is the Element of Fire that makes this a “dark card in the Magick Arcana.  However, “it is less realistic with the mental and spiritual realms.”, Jodorowsky.

In particular, consider this Tower Card in the Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck.  Notice that the Wind and Lightning are in the dark of the night, and the upper North areas of the rectangle (squares 8, 9, 10 and in some parts of 6 and 7).  Again, according to Jodorowsky, this kind of change that is blowing in the wind, indicates that this storm is a –  sudden “strong action.” An act of God, if one may express it this way.


The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind
The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind


Both in the Tarot de Marseille and Thoth decks, the Tower Tarot Card depicts the garrison guards either falling or having been ejected from the Tower.   These represent your inner guards you put up against the reality of your inner life. How we feel about something, is not necessarily how it is in reality.  Our feelings are but subjective.

This card speaks of an inner war going on within yourself.  Some may prefer to call this inner war, a war between our good conscious and our bad conscious.  A war between our sense of doing right and doing wrong.  This inner war mainly occurs within yourself, “when we become aware of the perfection and the imperfection with us”, Crowley.

A Matter of Life and Death

A Matter of Life and Death is about mentioning a deep, dark event brought on by the storms of the war within our inner self.  Normally, when a swift change takes place in our life, we humans are resilient!

A Human Being has the basic instinct of survival.  Either we adapt to changes or we will die.  This said, just because we have survival instincts, it does not go to say that sometimes we do not struggle with wanting to put an end to the changes we undergo in our life. Changes such as a divorce, the death of a spouse or a child, the loss of a job or even a new job, etc…  Some people go through all of these changes within a few months even.  This is when there is a struggle between wishing to die versus wishing to live on.

If we think that one sudden, unexpected change in our life is hard enough, just imagine undergoing four or five major life changes coming at you all at once.  This can be devastating for the average person.  It causes a series of major stresses all at once!

This is when there is a struggle between wishing to die versus wishing to live on.  A depression accompanied by a major disease is often the outward manifestation of misadapting to a major change in our life.  A change about which we simply can not stop ahead of time before it happens to us; like a hurricane, for example.

The Anwer is Blowing in The Wind of Acceptance

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind of Acceptance, letting go, and letting our very nature do its thing.  When the Tower Tarot Card shows up in a Reading, it speaks of a dramatic change in our life that makes us question our very existence.  And there is nothing you can do about it, but to accept, let go, and place your trust in your survival instincts.

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About Tarot Magickal Correspondences

About Tarot Magickal Correspondences is an article written as an encouragement to use the Keys of the Tarot.  As in any other form of magickal Divination, Correspondences are a link to ancient knowledge.  They work because it is part of our basic human nature to use them.


About Tarot Magickal Correspondences
About Tarot Magickal Correspondences

The Forest Of The Ancients – Poem by Moon Spell

As I walk through the forest of the ancients,
The trees, they whisper to me in foreign tongue,
An uncertain magick courses through my body,
And through my veins, I feel it run…
I now see the mysticism, beauty,
Of what’s now perceived to be faery tale…
The ground is scattered with leave and root,
An infinite growth of infinite youth,
Yet all will whither as time shall pass,
The moon shines bright but it cannot last…

About Tarot Magickal Correspondences

About Tarot Magickal Correspondences goes directly to the relationship between the Tarot Reader and her/his Querent.  Our clients come to us to know more about situations in their lives.  They wish for the Cards to give them enlightenment and guidance.

When a Tarot Reader picks up her Cards so to Read for the Querent, she does not take half of the deck so to shuffle it; she shuffles the entire deck of Cards. Just as one does a Full Tarot Reading with a “full deck”, one performs the Reading with the full knowledge of the Tarot Magickal Correspondences.  These are part of the Magick of the Tarot.

It is our individual abilities, talents, and divinatory powers that will shape the interpretation of the Cards.  The Sitter has two related intents.   The First, is to “know” exactly what is going on around them.  The second is to find out what to do about it and how to resolve it adequately.

What are Tarot Magickal Correspondences?

What are Tarot Magickal Correspondences?   We already know that Divination is a form of Magick.  In most Traditional Tarot Decks, Magickal Correspondences are already present and accounted for in those.

Magickal Correspondences “help us focus intent and direct energy as we weave our intentions on the Web of Life”, Llewellyn’s The Complete Book of Correspondences, by Sandra Kynes.  Some Tarot Cards are included in this book of Correspondences, but just not all the Cards.  Same goes for Angels and times of day, etc.  Rare are the plants that actually have respective applications and usages.  But all in all, it is a good place to start as a beginner Tarot Reader.

Beginner Tarot Readers soon realize that the Tarot Cards are also a visual play by play of one’s spiritual progression in life, and on the Web of Life.  Upon the Path of our Spiritual Progression here, we “weave ideas, beliefs, energy that provide a deeper psychological meaning to our Walk, rituals and spellwork”, Sandra Kynes.  Miss Kynes goes on to say,  that “Magical Correspondences are like ‘Keys,’ that combine to unlock and tap into powers that aid us in putting forward our intentions.”  Bill Whitcomb, The Magician’s Companion, says that “Magic uses the ‘relationship’ between consciousness (knowing), information (being), and energy (doing), symbols (attributions)…

Correspondences to the Divination Tarot Card

Correspondences to the Divination Tarot Card-  is not about reinventing the wheel.  It is not my intention here to give you a bunch of ‘never seen before’ Correspondences to the Moon Card.  However, for those of you who are into Correspondences and who are curious enough to continue reading, I will endeavor to piece together some Moon Card Correspondences I have gathered for myself down through the years.  Not all of them mind you, but some.  Moreover, most importantly, those I have found that work for me.  Those that work for you, you may take as your own.  And leave behind those that do not – for you!

You may also want to compare my list of Tarot Correspondences for the Moon Card, to your own.  Our lists may be identical.  And then again, it may not.

The Moon Card

The Moon Card is a great Card to use when we want to trace our Fool’s Spiritual progression on our Journey.  Consider the Moon.  The Moon reflects down to us valuable energies needed so to see what is going on around us; this, for our protection and safety.  The Moon Card reminds us of the gift of insight, clair seeing.


About Tarot Magickal Correspondences
About Tarot Magickal Correspondences


Title:  The Ruler of Flux and Reflux (The Waning Moon)

Solar System:  Mercury, Moon

Moon’s Phases:  Full (dark unconscious-self), New (to give life to), Waning (Witchcraft, Sorcery, and dark deeds), Waxing (mercy)

Full Moon:  May, November

Day:  Wednesday

Time:  Midnight (The Threshold) (between 11pm – 1am), 2am, 9am, 4pm,

Celebrations:  Hunting of the Wren, Imbolc, Litha, Samhain, Walpurgis, Yule

Elements:  Air, fire (reflected light of the Moon), water (tears droplets/hidden real intentions, to wash away abominations)

Direction:  East

Planet:  Neptune

Astrological:  Pisces (The Gateway of the Resurrection of the Sun)

God name:  El (elemental water) N.B.: see Chariot

Archangel:  Amnitziel (Reflected Light), (Archangel of Pieces, Angel of month of February) – Illumination

Angel:  Vakhabriel (the Angel by Day)

Angels:  Auriel, Gabriel, Michael

Numerology:  8 (complete integration)

Colors:  Black (contrary, chaos, death), Gold, Indigo, Lavender, Purple, Silver (fleshed silver-white), Violet (crimson, ultra-violet), White (silver-white)

Rune:  Othala

Letter:  Qoh (Pieces), on the Middle Pillar (balance)

Tribe:  Simeon

Body part:  Back of the head (the cerebellum, the subconscious)

Tree of Life:  Path 29

Sacred Geometry:  Square Pillars

Keywords:  Personal Demons, Revelations

Gods and Goddesses:  Anubis (watcher of the Twilight, gardian of the Hall of Truth), Apollo, Arawn, Artemis, Astarte, Badb, Brigid, Cerridwen, Coventina, Diana, Enzu, Fortuna, Freya, Gaia, Hecate, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Kali, Khem (double), Khonsu, Kuan Yin, Nana, Nepthys, Phoebe, Sin.

Trees:  Acacia, Alder, Apple, Ash, aspen, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Cypress, fir, Hazel, Horse, Chestnut, Juniper, Laurel, Linden, Maple, Pomegranate, Poplar, Rowan, Spindletree, Pussy Willow, Witch Hazel (love), Yew

Herbs & Garden:  Angelica, Basil, Broom, Dairy, Dandelion, Gorse, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Ivy, Lavender, Lilac, Marigold, Morning Glory, Mugwort, Peppermint, Rose, Rue, Sage, St. John’s wort, Strawberry, Sweet Woodruff, Thyme, Vervain, Yarrow

Misc. Plants:  Anis, Bamboo, Bloodroot, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cinquefoil, Clove, Dittany, Eyebright, Frankincense, Ginseng, goldenrod, Henbane, High John, Mandrake, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Moonwort, Mullein, Nutmeg, Orris Root, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Star Anise, thornapple, wormwood

Perfumes:  Thyme, Coxium, Santal Ab

Metals:  Gold (to conduct energy), Lead (psychic protection), Silver (protection from an elemental), Tin (to foil)

Gemstones & Minerals:  Amethyst, Azurite, Fluorite, Hematite, Red Jasper, Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Pyrite, Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz

From the Sea:  Cowry, Crayfish/Lobster shell (holder of the Moon), Mother-of-Pearl

Mythical:  Dragon

Magical:  Fates, Norn, Undines

Type of Magic:  Illusions, nightmares about ancestors (Ghosts of the Past); skinwalkers (wear-wolves) and/or Phantoms (legs and feet).  Or of seeing the wonder of the Journey on the Lower Astral Path

Senses:  Touch, taste, and smell

Animals:  Armadillo, Dog(alert to danger), Horse, Hyena, Lynx, Rabbit, Wolf(out of our control)

Birds:  Chicken (not rooster), Crane, Crow, Goose, Kite, Lapwing, Magpie, Raven, Swallow, Swan, Vulture, Wren

About Tarot Magickal Correspondences motivates us to learn more about the Witches Keys for Tarot.  As in any other form of magickal Divination, Correspondences are not new at all; we may even be familiar with some of these.  It is part of our basic human nature to make links between the images we see on the Cards and the world outside us.

To read more about the Moon Card and how it relates to magic, CLICK HERE


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Prison Tarot Card – Evergreen Readings

Prison Tarot Card is the Strength Card.  This Card speaks of the times during which we go into isolation so to affect change – for the common good.  This is why the keyword for this card can easily be “Prison”.  In the Llewellyn Tarot Deck, the Strength Card is called the Temperance Card…  Keep reading to find out why I use this deck in particular for this article on the Prison Card.


Prison Tarot Card - Evergreen Readings
Prison Tarot Card – Evergreen Readings


I always yell at myself asking why me? Why?

Sitting in a empty spare room.

No one to talk to about how I feel.

No one to ask me what I feel.

Is anyone out there in this harsh world we live in?

Sometimes I begin to wonder.

Sometimes I’m harsh on myself.

Morn comes and I wake up wishing I was never born.

Please help others, because today’s lives

Are being taken out of this world just as easy as they are coming in.

You can change someone’s life.

Make a change.

It’s a tough world.

(Change Is All © Olivia Libby)



Prison Tarot Card

Prison Tarot Card depicts a Deep Well.   To be down a deep well is likened to being in a prison of sorts.  Alone,  and alienated from the rest of humanity, we hit rock bottom; we face our fears alone.  We have crossed the line in our thoughts, ideas, and emotions …

Each and every one us draws a line in the sand.  Our line in the sand represents to us our sanity, our good common sense.  It is our good conscious warning us to get a grip before we lose control over our life.

When the Strength Card is pulled in a Reading, it is our conscious trying to tells us that it will not let us cross the line in the sand that we have drawn for ourselves.  We promise ourselves not to cross the line when stepping out for a drink with friends, or when we go to visit Mary Jane.  We promise ourselves that we will never cross the line when we get mad at the boss, or at our children.  We draw many lines in the sand; one for each of the situations we live through.  Moreover, for each one of these lines, we promise ourselves never to cross it.

The Line in the Sand

The Line in the Sand reminds us to stay on this side of the line.  This side of the line represents a balanced life.  Equilibrium!

For us who prefer a balanced lifestyle, the other side of the line represents our fears.  Our fear of being in scary places with scary people who do scary things.  It is because of our concerns that we make a promise to ourselves to always keep our control in check.

The prison of the Super-sensitives

The prison of the super-sensitives is the Well.  Super-sensitive people go down a Well full of thoughts and ideas and emotions they sense in other people.  A Super-sensitive person can pick up these vibrations, absorb them, and transform them.  A Super-sensitive person is at his or her happiest when alone restoring the environment back to its state of Equilibrium (balance).  For balance is the natural order of things.

As far as the Super-sensitive is concerned, it is indeed a sad state of affairs when “the natural order of things” goes on Tilt.  He or she becomes highly aware that it is not just a few persons going on Tilt, but things, people, and events; and that those are all part of a “Global Pattern”.  As the Super-sensitive quickly pick up on Global Patterns, he/she will retreat to a safe place like as if to a self-imposed prison of sorts.  Super-sensitives are different” like that.

People who are different

People who are “different” are most often than not – a Super-sensitive.  They see things from a different perspective than most.  They often get bullied just because they are different.  Because they feel things in a very sensitive way, it does not take much to hurt their feelings.

Super-sensitive people represent a relatively small percentage of the global population.  That is why they stand alone against a crowd of bullies treating them unfairly.  When a Super-sensitive hears or sees an injustice, he or she is usually the first to speak up and defend the victim.

Often, a Super-Sensitive will be called crazy.  Even the Super-sensitive will think herself/himself crazy.  Because they see spirits and things unseen; they feel things unfelt by the average person.  “They can see and feel both the Yin/Yang in individuals, governments, laws, politics, and religions; as these are locked in fear”, Catherine Avizinis.

Super-sensitives are needed among us

Super-sensitives are needed among us to bring balance.  Moreover, this is what the Balance/Fortitude/Strength/the Well/Prison Card indicates to us.  That the world needs people who accept to “profoundly say, do, and feel things – all within the good measure of course.  It would be a cold world otherwise.

Our world here on Hearth is full of people that do both the good and bad.  In our world here, there are both the good and the bad situations and events.  We need to accept the fact that there are both “positive and negative” ideas and thoughts, emotions and feelings, actions and reactions in all of us.  The Super-sensitives are those among us that have the Will and clear intent to make it a better world for all of our sakes.

Super-sensitives feel soooo profoundly and to the extent of actually consenting to go into a self-imposed isolation.  They deliberately absorb and transform both the negatives and the positives in other people.  Because doing so – restores Equilibrium (balance) in the world.

So the next time you pull the Strength Card/the Well Card, keep at the front of your mind that it is also a “prison Card”.  The Querent has deliberately isolated herself/himself in order to find balance in their life.  That this is the sacrifice he/she is prepared to do.  Your Querent is the Super-sensitive that has agreed to come to live here in this lifetime, to become engulfed by excess negative energy to bring balance back – by absorbing and transforming it.  Click on The Strength Card to read more about this Card.

Where is the Hangman Card?

Where is the Hangman Card?  Look for the Hangman Card to see if it is in the Spread.   If the Hangman Card and the Strength Card are side by side or close to each other, then know that your Querent’s situation is redeemable.


Prison Tarot Card - Evergreen Readings
Prison Tarot Card – Evergreen Readings
near the Strength Card


A Super-sensitive will not only isolate herself/himself so to restore balance to a situation, they will also find in it a personal relief against bullies.  Not because the Super-sensitive is hiding from a bully.  But rather, because a Super-sensitive knows that this is their purpose in life, to relieve the hurts in this world by their self-sacrifice of “absorbing and transforming the hurt of a bully into healing the bully”.  Another way to say the word “healing”  is to say:  “change for the good”!  This is how a Super-sensitive feels at their happiest; when he/she feels the World need them to restore balance.  By uplifting the human soul; by restoring balance to the natural order of things.

The Prison Tarot Card is the Strength Card (Temperance).  This Card reveals that it is the right moment in time for your Querent to go down the “Well of emotions.”  That it is time to go into self-isolation, like as if to prison.  To absorb and transform the Global Pattern of fears, and to heal it by manifesting change  –  for the common interest (“The good of the many outweigh the good of the one”, Spock).  This is why the keyword for this card can easily be “Prison”, or even “the key.” 🙂

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The Strength Card:

Choosing between two Oracle cards

Choosing between two Oracle cards is fairly easy to do.  There are several methods with which to select one card or the other.  One such method is the “Pendulum Method”.


Choosing between two Oracle cards
Choosing between two Oracle cards


Choosing between two Oracle cards

Choosing between two Oracle cards is crucial.  Sometimes, there are two cards that fall out when shuffling your deck.  When two cards fall out, you may simply opt to read the both of them.  But which one should you read first?

It’s quite simple really. Simply take out your Pendulum, and let it pick for you which card to read first. Then read the card it selects.  This way, you can’t go wrong!

Tarot and Oracle Cards Readers often use several tools to perform their Reading with.  They use candles, incense, crystals, and pendulums.


Pendulums for difficult Readings

Pendulums for difficult Readings are necessary.  Just the other day, I had an exacting Reading to perform for a long term, return client of mine.  Or should I say, “I had” a real difficult client to Read for!

Moths ago, she had first come to me for a Tarot Consultation.  She was going through a divorce; her heart was shattered into a thousand little pieces.  She wanted to know if her husband would ever come back to her one day.

She could hardly let me Read her Cards I had pulled for her.  She cried and poured out her heart to me for three hours straight.  Anything I would tell her about the cards, she would reject outright and argue.  After all, she said, she was doing everything he wanted her to do; she was becoming everything he wanted her to be.  She would go on and on enumerating a detail list of his expectations he had told her she failed to meet – even if she was doing it all.  My heart just went out to that woman!

Down through the months, she came back for multiple Readings.  And each time, it was the same with her.  She cried and argued, and walked me through the long list of things she changed in herself and what she did to please her ex-husband so he would come back to her.

And for each Reading, the cards told her the same thing.  Over and over again, the cards were explicit.  Yes, her ex-husband would come back to her, but only in four years time.  He still had some wild oats to sow.  “But why not before”, my divorced client begged to ask of the Cards.  And each time, the cards told her “she must change first”.  And each time I read that in her cards, that she must change first, my heart went out to her – and I braced myself against her reactions towards me concerning the Reading I gave her.  Never the less, she kept coming back over and over again for another Reading by me.

Using the pendulum

Using the pendulum can help to get a final outcome!  For the last and final Reading with that difficult client of mine, she had asked me to perform a Grand Tableau Lenormand for her.  She wanted to know what was going on between her ex-husband and the new love of his life.

Lenormand Cards are Oracle Cards.  They show what is going on in your client’s situation.  They reveal what is happening around her/him.  The Lenormand Cards are very accurate in a love relationship reading.

These cards in this type of spread went to confirm that her husband and herself were a thing of the past.  They did not quite have each other in the future.  This much said the cards did show what exactly she needed to do so to change want she was doing.  She was manipulating him by pretending she was what she was not.

She was making herself be his carpet to walk all over on.  She was manipulating him by pretending she was what she was not; and that he knew her well enough by now to know she had not really changed.  Instead, she needed to get her dignity back and to have integrity; to be her divine true self.  By now, you can very well imagine that my client did not take kindly to what the Lenormand Cards showed both her and me…

The Lenormand Cards revealed to me that she needed to “accept” her divorce.  She needed to put a stop at trying to make him come back to her.  She needed to be “authentic” and true to herself.  And to “accept” they were divorced, that he loved another woman than herself.  And that with time, he would ask to come back home for good; but only in four years time.  Not before!

Needless to say, this upset my client deeply.  No matter how sensitive and delicate I had been when speaking my interpretation of her cards, she refused to accept that her ex-husband would come back to her only in four years.   I will spare you the details of what happened next.  Suffice it to say, I picked up my Lenormand deck; put it away.  Her Reading was done, her time was up anyways.  I had to ask her to leave so I could be safe in my own house!  Eventually, she did leave!

After she left my house, it took me a few days to muster the courage to ask the cards if my interpretation of the Grand Tableau I did for that client had been accurate or not.  What I did is, I took out another Oracle Deck.  This time, the Magical Times Empowerment Cards, by Jody Bergsma.  Because I needed to be empowered again vis-a-vis my own Reading abilities; after all, my client had shattered them too!

While shuffling this deck, I asked the Oracle Deck:  “What exactly does my client need to do to get her ex-husband back?  This is when two cards fell out.  The Dignity Card and the Integrity Card.  What a coincidence thought I!

I also felt I should pick one of the two cards; so to be more precise and accurate.  So I took out my Pendulum.  Placed those two cards on the table, and asked my pendulum “what does my client need to do so to get her husband back?”  My pendulum swung hard to the right, towards the “Dignity” Card.

Accepting the pendulum’s answer

Accepting the pendulum’s answer is what I needed to do for myself.  As a Tarot Reader, I can pull cards for my clients.  I can read and interpret the cards for my clients.  I can offer them guidance and enlightenment through the Tarot and Oracle cards.  I can even ask my pendulum.  But I can not do the necessary inner work in their place.  This the client must do for her own sake so to keep and maintain her own Dignity.



Choosing between two Oracle cards
Choosing between two Oracle cards

Dignity:  Take pride in yourself, and all you have become.Feel honored by your choices, achievements, and actions!

So that you may make the right choices for yourself!


What a Pendulum can do

What a Pendulum can do is to confirm the accuracy of the Reading. Choosing between two Oracle cards is fairly easy to do.  Several methods to develop accuracy can be employed when there is a need to select one card or the other.  One such method is the “Pendulum Method”.

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Featuring Heather Mendel

Featuring Heather Mendel, The Mandala Lady.  Heather is a mystic at heart.  She is an intuitive who fully understands the link between the Tarot and the Kabbalah. Her readings focus on connecting the spiritual and physical in our lives.


Featuring Heather Mendel
Featuring Heather Mendel



Feeling the breath of life.
Feeling the flight of spirit.
Positivity flows.
Manifesting magic.
Birthing angel wings.
I hear the soul.
I hear the stars.
Tranquility washes over me.
Beauty surrounds me.
This peace of mine.
This peace of mind.
It’s so divine.

Intuition knows.
Consciousness grows.
Creativity flows.

Daisy Fields

Nov 13, 2014



Featuring Heather Mendel

Featuring Heather Mendel is an article written by Heather.  In this article, Heather shares with us how she came to be a Tarot and Oracle Cards Reader.  Why she is able to link together the Tarot and the Kabbalah, and mandalas.
It is an honor for me to introduce Heather to you.  She is a very caring and loving spirit who seeks to be a blessing to people she comes in contact with.  She is the embodiment of what Tarot is all about.
Tarot Article by Heather Mendel
Ever notice if life calls and you don’t answer, the call gets louder till you do? Tarot first whispered in my ear many years ago when I was in my late teens. I was fascinated and also a little scared of the power of the cards to tell my future, which I was not sure I wanted. Knowing how suggestible we are, I felt that if there was anything unfavorable in a reading, it could become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Additionally, being Jewish, I felt the symbols in many of the cards were not welcoming to those of us who came from different faiths, and as my path became more clearly defined as feminist, I felt a strong patriarchal layering to the cards.
My connection to the spiritual, and an awareness that there is more to life than meets the eye, came very early in my life. My parents told the story that marked our family’s journey— during their wedding ceremony, standing under the ‘chuppah’ (the wedding canopy used in a Jewish marriage ceremony ) my mother heard something, and turning around, saw her mother had collapsed, and in fact had suffered a heart attack and died. I don’t think my mother ever got over it as she was very close to her mom. What it meant for me was that I was raised in a home in which we practiced Judaism while my parents were actively pursuing what was then called ‘spiritualism’— trying to discover more about life after death than their religious tradition was able to offer.
A mystic at heart, I followed the call of the intuitive down many other paths— acquainting myself over the years with the I Ching, the use of the pendulum, crystals, essential oils and an ongoing study of kabbalah, which was what brought me back to Tarot. Curious about the Major Arcana’s 22 cards my attention was drawn once more to the cards. 22 is an odd number in the way we count (had it 20, 21 or 25 I may never have answered the call) I was fascinated with the fact that there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 pathways on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Was there a connection? As I started to research, I found many coincidences and synchonicities that add layers of possibility and potential to meanings of the cards and ultimately led me to created The Syzygy Oracle which interweaves Tarot and the Tree of Life with a search for The Sacred Feminine.
Tarot and oracles were now very much part of my journey and within a few years I created The Sacred Mandala Lenormand and The Sacred Mandala Tarot. Why mandalas many have asked? – in fact, because I use them in so much of my work, I am delighted to know that I am referred to in some Tarot venues as the ‘mandala lady.’ (Read more on my recent blog post How Discontent Are You).
Just as my readings focus on connecting the spiritual and physical in our lives, I believe the mandala draws together both worlds. I am moved by their wholeness, complexity and design. Mandalas are a symbol of sacred geometric design, a meditative illustration of wholeness. The kaleidoscopic mandala is a celebration of our connection both to the sensory and temporal world of Nature’s color, vibrancy, and fragrance as well as our mysterious and eternal relationship to the Infinite. I bring this consciousness and appreciation of the beauty and mystery of life to my readings, my artwork and writing.
I offer readings in person in Saratoga Springs, NY and via email, phone and skype to clients in the US and abroad. From my study of kabbalah I add additional insights and layers of possibility into the cards and their connections. Believing as I do that the future, rather than being prescripted, is in process— being created by the beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think and actions we take, my approach to cards is to view them as a storytelling device that helps us focus on what is happening right now, in the present moment, so that clients can make the most informed decisions they can as they consciously create the future that wish to manifest.

Celebrate diversity and sanctity Life


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Articles about professional Tarot Readers

Articles about professional Tarot Readers are articles written by the features professional Tarot Readers themselves.  In these articles, the Readers talk about their passion for the Tarot, their philosophy, and about their respective Tarot Reading Service.  To read an article by the featured Tarot Reader, scroll down and click on the name of their Tarot Service.


Articles about professional Tarot Readers
Articles about professional Tarot Readers


About others,
About yourself,
About the world.

(Exert of the poem Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me written by Pay)

Articles featuring professional Tarot Readers


.  Article featuring Lion Heart Tarot

.  Article featuring Heather Mendel


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The Sniper Chicken-shit Story

The Sniper Chicken-shit Story is an old soldier’s story that my Dad had told me back at my mother’s kitchen table.  Dad and mom had just parked the family car in the drive-way, when the three boys who had been talking with me on the front steps had spotted my parents car, and just took-off in all directions before my Dad could get out of his car.  So, right after he had come in from running after the boys, Dad told me the sniper chicken-shit story.


The Sniper Chicken-shit Story
The Sniper Chicken-shit Story


Years and years later, my husband took me out to eat lunch with him at a local restaurant.  It was Memorial Day, and he felt like celebrating.  The restaurant was packed with people, it was standing room only.

Out of respect for our age, a nice young lady who was sitting all alone shared her table with us.  During lunch, the young lady talked to the people next to our table.  She was telling one of the young ladies there that she would meet her and their other friends at the local bar that evening.  She added, yes, because she felt that she needed some fun and meet a young man her own age that would satisfy her woman needs – as she referred to it.  Then she turned around and asked me not to think badly of her because she was young, lonely, and sexless since her husband had gone overseas.

This was when I told her “the sniper chicken-shit story.”

When a woman’s husband is off to war leaving her alone and sexless until his return, she meets up with some other women of her village to gather at the farmer’s market of their town because they know “the sniper will see them there”.  You see, the sniper is a soldier who perches himself at the top of a hill that overlooks the town farmers market.  He perches himself up there because he wants to shoot one of his bullets at one of the women down there at the outside market.  Up there, on top of the hill, he thinks himself very brave.  He carefully selects which one of the women down there that he will shoot his bullet at.

However, in reality, he is too much of a chicken-shit.  If he knew the women down at the farmers market knew he was going to go up there so to shoot his bullet at one of them, then he would run and hide instead of going up to the top of the hill in the first place.  So, up there on top of the hill where he is perched, he carefully picks out one of the women to shoot his single bullet at her.  That makes him a ‘single bullet sniper chicken-shit’.  However, once he shoots his bullet into the crowd of women, he does not care to check see if the bullet reached her or not.  What he does instead is, he takes his gun, and his other bullets and runs and hides before the older men of the village can catch him…

There is another kind of sniper chicken-shit.  He is a ‘multi-bullet sniper chicken-shit’.  Just like the single bullet sniper, he will go up on top of the hill.  However, once up there, he will not just shoot one of his bullets at “a” woman down there at the farmers market.  No, he will fire many of his bullets into the group of gathered women.  He will indiscriminately shoot all of his bullets down at them; not even bothering to first find one in his gage.  He does not care whom his bullets reaches, as long as many of his bullets hit the women.

Once he is done shooting all of his bullets, he quickly picks up his gun and quickly runs and hide.  He runs and hides before the old men of the village can catch him.  Why does he run from the old men of the village?  Because he is a sniper chicken-shit?  Why is he a chicken-shit?  Because if he knew that the women of the village had known all along that he would shoot his bullets at them, he would not have climbed the hill in the first place – he would be too much of a chicken-shit.

The moral of this story:

This is the story of the Sniper Chicken-shit story as told to me by my Dad back when I was a young girl of 14; my dad was by then in his mid 50’s.  My father was a WW2 US RANGER, Paratrooper, Ambulance Corps.


The Sniper Chicken-shit Story
The Sniper Chicken-shit Story


Dad told me that the moral of the story is, that a sniper chicken-shit is a man who is too much of a chicken to face that girl’s  father – so to let him know that he wants to go out on a date with his teenage daughter.  Why won’t that man face the girl’s father?  Because he is too much of a chicken-shit to get told: “NO he can not shoot his bullet at his daughter.”  After all, dad always said, “a father knows what a man wants with his daughter.  To shoot his bullets at her!, exclaimed Dad.”

If you think that was bad enough for those three boys having ran off like that, and letting me all alone to face my father, you ain’t heard nothing yet!  Then my Dad went on to say:  “thing is, its the woman who decides if she will let the sniper chicken-shit shoot his bullets at her.  If the sniper chicken-shit knew that its actually the woman who decides if she will let him shoot his bullets at her, then he would be too scared to climb that hill in the first place.  Instead, he would run and hide even faster!  And if she decides to go to the market and to let the sniper chicken-shit shoot his bullets at her, then she is going to cry (all alone) on her pillow at night.  Because, the sniper chicken-shit does not care if his bullets hit her or not.”  Is when I realized that my father knew me better than I thought!

The reason I told my dad’s chicken-shit story to the young woman sitting across the table from me at that restaurant, was because she expected to meet a man at a bar that night.  A man too chicken-shit to ask her husband (who was off to war) for a date with his wife!  Moreover, he was too chicken-shit to ask her father-in-law or her own father for a date with her.  I knew what that man wanted to do with that young married woman.  He wanted to shoot his bullets at her but was too chicken-shit to treat her with respect, and to honor her husband for his service and sacrifice.

Recommended Professional Tarot Readers

Recommended Professional Tarot Readers, by Evergreen.  This is the list of Tarot Readers I would go to if I needed a Tarot Reading done.  These are Tarot Readers that I have met online, and that I am impressed with.


Recommended Professional Tarot Readers
Recommended Professional Tarot Readers


Recommended Professional Tarot Readers, by Evergreen


.  Carley, at Lion Heart Tarot.  Carley’s email:

.  Sacredfemininekabbalah

.  Evergreen, at Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Evergreen Facebook Page



Featuring Lion Heart Tarot

Featuring Lion Heart Tarot is the first in a series of Tarot Blog Articles in which I present to you a Professional Tarot Reader that I have met online.  I asked each one of these Readers to write a short article about themselves and the Service they offer to us all.


Links Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

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Featuring Lion Heart Tarot
Featuring Lion Heart Tarot


The grass, like green hair, stands up on end with
rising through the snow that has fallen
like dove feathers.

(Mira LambJul 15, 2014)

Featuring Lion Heart Tarot

Featuring Lion Heart Tarot.  In her article, Carleigh – of Lion Heart Tarot – talks about herself, and why she does Tarot Readings for people on a professional basis.  She shares with you her love and passion for the Cards.

Carleigh is a wonderful Tarot Reader and Blogger.  I often read her blogs which are always full of interesting Tarot notions.  She is a beautiful soul, with a wonderful writing style.

What follows is Carleigh’s article in which she presents herself to you.  You can also follow her article link that brings you to her professional blog.  To get there, click on Lion Heart Tarot Blog.

Carleigh – of Lion Heart Tarot


Hello Doll Babes!

It is an honor to be featured on Nicole’s blog!

I am a tarot reader, spiritual and emotional healer and mystic seeker. I look to tarot to help me dive deep into my psyche and make peace with my shadow in order to create a life of my own design. I have been practicing tarot for 5 years, and it has changed me in so many wonderful ways. It is definitely an organic relationship. At times, it is a passionate romance where I feel myself enchanted by its beauty and mystery. Sometimes tarot is like a frim parent who is calling you out on your shit. Sometimes it is a comforting friend, an empowering ally or soothing counselor. You absolutely get out what you put in.

As someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety and abuse in the past, I was looking for a tool that would help me to empower myself and allow me to delve into these issues from a grounded place. I wanted a mirror that would reflect the state of my psyche back to me so I could identify the areas in need of healing. Tarot became that tool for me.

My first deck was the Golden Tarot, a lovely mixed media, renaissance inspired deck. It is biased on the Rider-Waite-Smith system and provided me with a strong foundation on which to build my practice. This deck still holds a special place in my heart. It was the first step on this path which has challenged and fulfilled me so much.

About a year ago I decided to start reading for others. I have read for friends and family as well as lovely souls I have met on the wacky world wide web. It has been an amazing, empowering experience for me! I will be opening an official shop later this year where you can purchase readings from me. As for now, I am still in beta testing, so feel free to email me at for readings.

I am not the reader who will predict how many kids you will have or whether or not that hottie at work is your soul mate. My readings are always focused on personal development and empowering you as an individual. It is about co-creating the life of your dreams and harnessing your inner magick, which is really much more helpful to you in the long run.

Tarot is a powerful, wonderful system which surprises me every day. It is an honor to share it with all of you.


Links Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

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Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

Featuring Professional Tarot Readers is a series of Tarot Blog Articles that introduce some of the Professional Tarot Readers you can find online.  When looking for a Tarot Reader over the Internet, it is a good idea to read about them before paying them to do a Reading for you.  In this series of Articles, various professional Tarot Readers will write about the Service they offer you.


Featuring Professional Tarot Readers
Featuring Professional Tarot Readers


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“One’s destination is never a place,

but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller



Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

Featuring Professional Tarot Readers you can find online. Hello there, my name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.   Many Tarot Clients go to several Tarot Cards Readers in hopes of making sure of the accuracy of a Reading given to them.  So I thought I would introduce to you some of the professional Tarot Readers I have met online, and more importantly – that I trust.

I thought I would ask some of them to write a short article about themselves; so that you may get to know them better.  Click on articles by professional Tarot Readers to go read about them.  An interesting part of Tarot is the Readers themselves.  We share with you our love and passion for the Tarot.  We also share with you, our qualities and abilities to read and interpret the Cards for you.

A professional Tarot Reader is someone who will Read and interpret your cards in exchange for money.  You work hard for your money so you might as well make sure that the Tarot Reader you choose to do the Reading for you is accurate.  That the Reader knows what they are doing.

Click on the link on EVERGREEN’S  RECOMMENDED TAROT READERS so to find a list of Tarot Readers that I recommend to you (including myself of course).  Come back from time to time, so to discover those I will be adding to this list as time goes by.







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